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Denver announced as home for first Frozen musical previews


Just the other day we learned that Disney was targeting to bring the musical version of it’s mega-hit the Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film “Frozen” to the Broadway stage in Spring of 2018. At the time, they also announced that it would be tested and previewed beginning in summer of 2017, but they didn’t announce where.

Today we learned that Denver, Colorado will be home to those initial performances. The pre-Broadway engagement will begin at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts inside the Buell Theatre in August of 2017. The DCPA is the nation’s largest not-for-profit theater organization and has been the home for many a Broadway style production since the Buell opened in 1991. It also hosted the touring premiere of The Lion King in 2002.

Let the speculation begin on how the stage version will differ from the movie. Of course, there will be new songs written, especially for the third act. Since its the same creative team involved, it should be consistent.

Here’s the story of how one song, “do you want to build a snowman,” made it into the movie.

I hope it stays in the play. If you ask me it’s the emotional core of the movie showing that even though circumstances may separate Anna and Elsa, they are both very much full of love for each other.

Might be time to plan a late summer visit to Denver, Colorado? Anyone with me?