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Marvel’s Agent Carter recap – The Atomic Job


This week’s episode starts with everyone trying to get some much need rest. That is, until they are suddenly woken up. Wilkes wakes up Peggy to show her that the Zero Matter in the body tissue they collected from the lady in the lake is reacting to him. In fact, he absorbs it, making him temporarily solid and giving him the location of the lady’s body.

At the same time Whitney is awoken by the same desire to find the body. She convinces her husband to go get it with her. Peggy and Jarvis arrive just in time to see Whitney and Chadwick opening the casket and Whitney absorbing the Zero Matter. Suddenly, she announces that she needs an atomic bomb.

Back at Howard’s lab, Wilkes says that Roxxon has two bombs, but, according to Jarvis and Howard’s corporate espionage, the building they’re being held in is impossible to break into. Peggy must go undercover to get the key to the building.

Chadwick and Whitney go talk to one of her contacts to hire some men to help them take the bomb.

Sousa, Jarvis and Peggy make a plan to break into the Roxxon building but realize that they don’t have enough people to help. They can’t go to the SSR because the FBI is still doing their audit but Peggy trusts Rose and convinces Sousa to bring her along and they are forced to bring Samberly, the lab tech guy along as well so they can use his bag of toys.

Our team of ragtag agents (and a butler) successfully make their way into the lower levels of the building but quickly discover that Whitney and her men are already inside.

The race to the bomb is on. Fortunately, our team gets their first. Unfortunately, the door to the bomb slams with only Jarvis inside. Instead of Sousa disarming the bomb because he has the steadiest hands, Jarvis has to. Meanwhile, Peggy goes to confront Whitney. After a short fight, Peggy falls off a ledge and is impaled by rebar.
Sousa takes them to Violet’s house. Peggy refuses to go to the hospital, but it’s ok because Violet is a nurse.

Meanwhile, Chadwick and Whitney are fighting over what to do next. Chadwick wants nothing to do with her plan but she won’t let him leave. Instead, he calls an emergency meeting of the Council of Nine after she goes to sleep.
Peggy is taken back to Howard’s house and is put on bed rest. After they leave, Violet calls Sousa out for still being in love with Peggy. Back at Stark’s house, Peggy is settling down when Wilkes disappears right in front of her.

And that’s where we leave our team this week. Whitney is becoming more unstable and Peggy is down for the count. Next week, we get two episodes back to back and the return of Dottie.

What did you think of the episode?