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Fulton’s Crab House closing for long refurbishment, lays off employees


As Disney Springs continues its transformation the iconic Fulton’s Crab House sternwheeler restaurant has announced it will close for a six month refurbishment. Sadly this will mean that 214 of its employees are announced to be laid off during the remodel.

It’s the second major restaurant at Disney Springs to close for a long refurbishment. Planet Hollywood is currently in the middle of a makeover into the Planet Hollywood Observatory. Planet Hollywood is changing its look to fit better into the theme of Disney Springs, but a giant riverboat actually wouldn’t be all that out of place in a small town on a river in Florida. Plus it’s featured in maps and models of Disney Springs, so I don’t expect the exterior to change that much.


No official comment from the folks at Levy Restaurants as to the reason behind the closure. But one imagines that with all the extra competition moving in on its turf, they feel the need to step up their game.

Fulton’s Crab House is expected to close in early April and will reopen in late November.

3 thoughts on “Fulton’s Crab House closing for long refurbishment, lays off employees”

  1. I wonder if six months would be enough to add the ship’s smokestacks and paddle-wheel back to the infrastructure…

  2. It’s unfortunate for the lay off situation, but they could go on unemployment due to the situation. Fulton’s is in deep need of a remodel/upgrade. For the prices they charge things need to be spiffed up there for sure.

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