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Disney CEO Bob Iger on Star Wars, ESPN, and China


Over the weekend Walt Disney Company CEO and Chair Bob Iger discussed the giant box office of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the status of EPSN, and more in a 30 minute interview with Bloomberg’s David Westin and Stephanie Ruhle on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.” Some analysts are now estimating that the Star Wars franchise could be worth $10 billion for Disney. He also confirms that a new Indiana Jones film will be coming.

It’s always interesting to hear the questions business analysts ask the CEO. They’re definitely different than what the average Disney fan would ask. It’s very hard to get Iger to deviate from the approved script, and that’s ok. I wish they had talked to him a bit about MakerStudios and The Muppets Studio. Those are a few of the acquisitions Disney made that aren’t doing quite as well. Disney’s acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, and now Lucasfilm have all been good successes.

ESPN’s asset is the inventory of sports it owns that people want to see. That said moving to a subscription model where only those who want ESPN pay for it from a model where everyone pays for it as part of a package is bound to result in some belt tightening. Iger did say he things the multi-channel model is not going away.

How about you? Are you bullish or bearish on the future of The Walt Disney Company?

(Source: Bloomberg)

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