D-Street at Disney Springs converts to Star Wars store


Although the merchandise mix at D-Street had been turned over exclusively to Star Wars last week, just a few days before “The Force Awakens” opened in gala style at Disney Springs the store itself changed names to Star Wars Galactic Outpost.

Along with the name change comes some updated interior decor. Most of it is just conveniently placed merchandise, but I like the little ring of vinylmation stormtrooper shaped cutouts near the roof. The merchandise is a mix of toys and clothing related to the new movie, plus some Star Wars lifestyle merchandise.

By taking over D-Street, the Galactic Outpost is just steps away from the “Marvel” Super Hero HQ store. Which means a Pixar store is bound to open nearby soon, right?

Frankly, this is a move Disney should have made 6 months ago and probably at a bigger location where they can do artist signings and have a wider selection. Disney Springs needed a Star Wars store to capitalize on the growing buzz for Episode VII that started after the first trailer came out.

I did notice that the toy selection was not marked up with the usual Disney inflation price. For the most part, you’re paying the same prices here that you would pay at Target for the same toy.

Hopefully D-Street and its unique product mix will find a home elsewhere in the expanding Disney Springs.

(Photos courtesy Michelle Snow)

1 thought on “D-Street at Disney Springs converts to Star Wars store”

  1. How similar is it to Super Hero HQ? Rebel/Alliance logos everywhere, but only Imperial products for sale? Maybe droid pics on all the walls, but no droids in stock?
    Yes, I’m being a tad sarcastic, but I was kind of appalled a couple weeks ago to walk all the way from the bus stops by World of Disney, hoping to find some SHIELD products (or at least something that I CAN’T buy at Target), only to find the entire store themed to SHIELD, but nothing whatsoever for sale repesenting the show, or any other part of the Marvel Universe that I can’t get EVERYwhere else.
    I was pretty hyped to see the new stores in Disney Springs, but generally let down. I just bought my requisite LEGOs and went home. I wish I could be excited about this new change, but, to be honest, do we need another SW shopping experience, when it’s just more of what’s already everywhere?

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