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Club Disney adds dance wonderland to Disney’s Hollywood Studios


At my age, I may prefer to hang out on the comfy lounge chairs, but as a kid of any age, the new Club Disney is terrific. Thanks to the relatively low number of guests inside at any one time, you can enjoy some great one on one time dancing with Disney’s most popular characters. Or just cut your own groove. No judging here.

The giant screens are filled with animation clips, fun pop culture references, and lots of colors. There’s a huge Mickey Mouse mirror ball in the ceiling and a dance floor with plenty of room. Check it out

You may have noticed that in addition to a dance floor, there’s a place to charge your electronics, a snack bar, and other entertainment options for those who choose not to dance. Of course, you can just sit, take a load off, and enjoy the atmosphere too.


Eventually the place will offer private dessert parties. It’s also relatively customizable, so if Disney wanted to do something else inside the space, it could.


To find the new Club Disney, first head to Rock-n-Roller Coaster with Aerosmith then keep going to find the Sunset Showcase. Inside is the new hot spot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.