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New Holiday Décor at Disney Springs


It’s the first holiday season for the newly christened Disney Springs. We recently stopped by for a visit to enjoy the seasonal decor and offerings but especially to see what’s new. This year each Disney Springs neighborhood has been transformed into a unique holiday theme to reflect the neighborhood’s role in the Disney Springs waterfront town.

  • The Marketplace décor makes guests feel right at home with wreaths and trees with a handmade touch. This colorful, authentic atmosphere is the ideal inspiration while shopping for loved ones.
  • The Landing is decked out in a bit more illustrious style, with silver and gold décor amidst the glittering holiday lights. With a slight modern flare, the metallic decorations fit the theme of this industrial neighborhood.
  • You will be transported to a magical winter wonderland as you visit the West Side neighborhood at Disney Springs. The vibrant blue ornaments, beautiful white holiday lights, and contemporary Christmas trees will bring holiday cheer to shoppers of all ages.

I like that the decor this year has almost no ‘Disney’ in it. You’re already at Walt Disney World, no reason to go over the top in decorations.

While you’re shopping, Disney Springs has added some extra holiday cheer in the form of entertainment.

Of course, Santa Claus himself is in town to take toy requests from little girls and boys (at a new location this year near the Marketplace Stage). There are also carolers from 6 to 10pm through December 30, plus other seasonal entertainment around Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Are you planning a visit to Disney Springs as part of your holiday shopping this year?

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  1. Stopped by on Tuesday to catch a movie. Gotta say wow, this place is really going to be something when they finish, but enough is now done to make a great afternoon or evening out.

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