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Finn is focus of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV Spot


Hang on to your helmets fellow Star Wars fans, this new 30-second TV Spot focuses on Finn and the new footage will blow your mind. If there are any questions whether John Boyega can carry his part of The Force Awakens, this trailer will lay them to rest.

Watch it here and then join us below to dissect what we’re seeing:

I think we can now infer that Finn, as a stormtrooper, is a witness/participant an the destruction of a village by the First Order. This leads to his decision to abandon his post and escape in a TIE-fighter (which we’ve seen in other trailers).

We then see Finn looking at the same temple/fortress we saw Rey looking at in an earlier TV spot. It looks like the forces of the First Order are succeeding in destroying it.


We also see Finn exiting a yellow transport of some kind.


Kylo Ren stands menacingly in the rubble of a large structure, possibly the temple/fortress noted above.


Now elsewhere in the rubble, we get a few more beats of Finn’s lightsaber battle with the stormtrooper who has a shield that will keep the lightsaber at bay.


And then, oh wow, we’re on a First Order ship with Han Solo and Chewie up to their old tricks. Only this time, they’ve brought Finn along. This must be early in the relationship, because Han asks him if he’s ready. Finn’s not to convinced.


The rest of the TV trailer is pretty familiar territory. But we’re definitely learning more about Finn’s journey in this clip. I’m also excited to see Han and Chewbacca still working together in the field.

What did you like most about this short TV spot?

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