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Season of the Force opens at Disneyland


The first big Star Wars expansion at Disney’s theme parks since Disney purchased Lucasfilm officially opens today at Disneyland after soft-opening over the weekend. “Season of the Force” is a collection of special experiences, meet and greets, exhibits, and attraction overlays that will take guests on to that galaxy far, far away for some magical fun.

Star Wars Launch Bay includes meet and greets with your favorite Star Wars characters, special exhibits, and peeks at the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Check out the credit roll on the entry carpet!

One the Dark Side guests can meet Darth Vader, while on the Light Side, guests visit a rebel base and meet Chewbacca the Wookiee.


The Launch Bay also contains the Star Wars Game Center where you can play the latest games from the Star Wars galaxy. Some of which are canon in the movie universe.


Also at Launch Bay are fun galleries to explore:

  • Dark Side Gallery – Get a look at authentic pieces of stormtrooper armor as well as famous Sith lightsabers once wielded by masters of the dark side.
  • Light Side Gallery – Explore a gallery filled with Rebel flight helmets and lightsabers once wielded by Jedi Knights.
  • Preview Gallery – See items built exclusively for Star Wars Launch Bay by the same prop makers who worked on the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Starship Gallery – Discover models of famous starships from throughout the Star Wars saga.

Making the biggest buzz of the weekend was the soft-opening of Hyperspace Mountain. This overlay of Space Mountain thrusts guests smack into the middle of a galactic war between TIE fighters and Rebel X-wings. Since you’re traveling at speeds of up to 30 MPH, it’s hard to capture it on film, but this video does a fairly good job:

That’s a much better use of the screen technology than Ghost Galaxy.

Also opening today is the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene in Star Tours – The Adventures Continues. Every guest who rides will see the new scene for at least the first few months.

Also part of Season of the Force is a revised Jedi Training with a new villain from Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Path of the Jedi where you relive Luke Skywalker’s path to become a Jedi in a film that recaptures favorite Star Wars moments inside the Tomorrowland Theater (former home to Captain EO).

What part of Season of the Force are you looking forward to the most?

Us East Coasters will have to wait for December 1 for our chance to experience our versions of these new experiences.

4 thoughts on “Season of the Force opens at Disneyland”

  1. “Star Wars Land” should be near this ride and definitely not clear on the other side of the park in Frontierland.

  2. Hyperspace Mountain looks much better than Ghost Galaxy which I thought was pretty lame. I hope to ride HM next year in Florida.

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