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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Action Games Unboxing


If you’re looking forward to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you can already play some games at home based on the movie. We were asked to review two games made by Wonder Forge — Galaxy Hunt & Star Destroyer Strike. These are fun action games that you can play with friends and family right now.

We asked our “A Kid’s Life at Disney” host, Indigo, to unbox the games, and give us his quick review:

We found both games to be easy to set up and fun to play. Neither is the most complicated game and can be learned relatively quickly.

Galaxy Hunt reminded us a lot of the classic action game “Booby-Trap.” The goal is to remove pieces without springing the trap. This adds a lot of tension to the game, which was good. Points are accumulated relatively randomly based on the pieces you’re able to remove.

Star Destroyer Strike took a couple minutes to set up. There are a few finer points of the game that you won’t learn until you try to play. Once you do start the game, the pace goes very fast with each person having to quickly take their turn to avoid the hammer dropping of the Star Destroyer’s laser. Speaking of the laser, that sound effect can be a little loud.

If you want to bring home a little Star Wars fun ahead of the movie, these games are exclusively available at Walmart (Galaxy Hunt) & Target (Star Destroyer Strike). Check them out on your next visit.

(Note: We were provided the games to review, however all opinions are our own.)