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Disney Targets Unscrupulous Dining Reservation Scalpers


Back in August we shared an angry, but justified, rant against unscrupulous scalpers who were ruining the Disney Dining experience for the average guest just trying to make a reservation for their trip.

A mini-industry had evolved with a business system based on charging Disney’s customers for the right to either A) be notified a reservation had opened up online or B) purchase a previously made reservation at said restaurant. You may have been okay with A) but not B), but Disney didn’t like either and lately has been sending the owners of those companies nastygrams telling them to cease and desist their activities. So far it looks like everyone is backing down from the Mickey’s big dog.

It’s definitely a positive, in that Disney is finally acknowledging that the dining reservation system is broken. I just hope they’re getting the right message. These businesses they just shut down existed to fill a need created by Disney’s mostly unworkable system. If the system worked better, no one would have been willing to pay for an advantage over other guests.

Having to get up at weird hours exactly 180 days ahead of your vacation to make sure you get the time and place you want is an insane system. Not reserving some tables for late reservations makes even less sense.

Am I happy Disney has made this move to close the bad-players? Yes. It’s a win for fans, but only because it may make Disney rethink the stupid dinner reservation system and actually leave some capacity for last minute reservations (and hopefully walk-ups).

Now if we can get Disney to end the menu item price inflation driving by free dining, that will be real progress.

What do you think about Walt Disney World’s Dining Reservation system. What changes would you make?

(via Orlando Sentinel)