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Disneyland’s Downtown Disney Parking Raises Prices, Reduces Free Parking Benefit


Parking at Disneyland isn’t the only thing that recently increased in price ($17 to $20, btw), your stay at Downtown Disney for a movie and a meal just went up in price too.

Where before you were granted three free hours of parking and then up to two more free hours with validation from AMC Theaters or Downtown Disney Table-Service restaurants, the new rules reduce the number of initial free hours by one. On top of that, once you do start paying you’re now going to be charged $12 for each additional hour. Prior to this increase you were only charged $6. So that’s a 100% increase.

Four hours is barely enough time to park, buy a movie ticket, get a quick bite to eat, and see said movie. It’s definitely not enough time to do both a movie and a table service restaurant. If you want to do a little shopping on top of that movie, well now you’re going to be paying for the privilege.

Yes, I’m sure some visitors were using the 3-hours free to duck into one of the two theme parks for a quick visit, but that was kind of the point. You could shop a bit an not have to pay for a full day of parking just to buy some trinkets. This pretty much eliminates that option too.

I’m sure Disneyland management has a good reason for this change, but whatever it is, it’s not guest friendly.

It’s definitely a period of upheaval at the parks and it’s going to take some getting used to the new normal. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last big change either. What about you?

2 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Downtown Disney Parking Raises Prices, Reduces Free Parking Benefit”

  1. If it was 6 dollars before and now it’s 12 dollars that’s a 100 percent markup not 50 percent as 50 percent would make it 9 dollars, either way it’s very expensive and will drive locals away and really is making Disney Springs only an option for people staying close or on Disney property.

  2. This was brought upon us by all the people who think they are cute with their scams parking at downtown Disney to avoid paying the parking fee at the parks. Disney had no choice.

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