Disney Holiday Special Now Casting. Tell your Disney story to audition.


Remember last year at the Disney Parks Christmas Celebration (formerly the Disney Parks Christmas Parade) TV special on ABC when Disney facilitated family reunions to demonstrate how the parks help make magic happen? I thought those were some of the best moments of the special. Well, guess what, it looks like Disney is going to do the same thing this year. If you have a great Disney story, you might be just who they’re looking for to be in this year’s show.

A major casting agency is asking for couples, families, and friends who’ve had an incredible Disney experience… and have a story to share that will touch the hearts of America to get in contact with them.

  • Have you had an epic, grand, joyful or love-filled moment at a Disney Park, Resort, or on a Disney Cruise?”
  • Did you get engaged or married at a Disney property….or are you planning to?
  • Was the first time you met Mickey, Goofy or any Disney character a truly unforgettable moment?
  • Do you have a loved one serving in the military with a special connection to Disney who deserves to be recognized for their selflessness?
  • Is there a special reason you or your family wants to go back to one of the Disney parks or properties?

The Casting Firm is looking for inspirational stories from couples, families, or friends to be part of a holiday special that will air on a Major Network!

To submit or nominate someone include a contact number, photos, and share your story via email to: [email protected]

Think you have a great story, share it with us in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Disney Holiday Special Now Casting. Tell your Disney story to audition.”

  1. Scottina Mattausch

    A week before Christmas in 2010 our daughter was struck by an SUV when walking home from high school. (She is ok today or I couldn’t even write this) However, that year was spent either in the hospital or helping her get better. (Her brother moved from NC to UT where we are to help her with rehab, for she will do for him what she will not do for anyone else. One more step, one more lift, one more try) That year really knocked the Christmas spirit out of us. We just didn’t feel it the next year or the year after. In December of 2013 we went to Walt Disney World (my husband & I with my sister & her family) & it was Magical. We hadn’t even decorated before we left, because I said we had lost our Christmas spirit. We walked into the Animal Kingdom Lodge & saw all the decorations, heard the music (another thing we’d been avoiding since 2010) & I burst into tears. that night we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The upbeat music, how sweet & nice the Cast Members were & all the beautiful decorations every where gave us back Christmas. We danced with Goofy, Pluto & Chip & Dale at Cosmic Ray’s that night & that whole evening set the tone for the rest of our stay. Disney gave us back Christmas. When we got back to UT our now adult children had decorated & for the first time since 2010 my husband & I were able to really, truly join in & participate in the spirit of Christmas. I will always be grateful to Walt Disney World for this.

  2. Jennifer Luchsinger

    In 2004, I met the man of my dreams. We dated and fell hard for each other! About a year or so later, during the summer, my (then boyfriend, now husband) and I visited Disneyland three times in the same week. I never get tired of visiting there (we are APs), but usually dress very casually. I should’ve known something was up when my now-husband suggested I wear something nice that day! So we rode the tram into the park in the midafternoon of a very nice day, expecting to eat at the Blue Bayou and then later, go camp out in the hub for a good spot for the fireworks later that evening. When we reached the restaurant, I was starving and thirsty! So when the waiter brought our bread, I grabbed a roll out of the basket and was busily buttering, and out of nowhere, heard a voice say, “Will you marry me?” I was so shocked, I looked up at him to see if he was serious! Then I replied, “Shouldn’t you get down on one knee for that?” (Most people just say, yes, right away. ;) ) He said, “I wanted to look you in the eyes when I asked” and slid a ring across the table in a pretty little box to me. (Incidentally, the ring didn’t fit, it was too snug, but I jammed it on my finger anyway. I didn’t care if my finger turned blue…I was 38 when it happened and hadn’t ever been engaged in my whole life.)

    I was just floored, and could hardly even speak, I was so excited. Then we went out to the hub after eating, and later wanted some ice cream. So I left him holding our spot, and walked down main street to get our dessert. I was still shaking from being so happy, and when I got to the window, I struck up a conversation with a couple in front of me and mentioned I had just gotten engaged. The Cast member behind the counter overheard me, and when our order was ready, slid a root beer float and my ice cream across the counter and said, “Compliments of Disneyland! Congratulations!”

    It truly is a magical place, and for me, it has made my most precious dreams come true, and has given me such hope for my future. We have visited many times since that day, and our new almost-adopted foster daughter has been there with us a lot this year! She’s our latest dream come true, so what better place to celebrate her than at Disneyland? <3

    1. Jennifer Luchsinger

      By the way, my husband and I are both teachers….he got his teaching credential after we met, and this year marks my twentieth year of teaching elementary school. My husband has been teaching since 2007 ( Middle School.) In addition, we both teach after school drama programs (for which we are not paid in dollars, but are amply paid in the delight and joy we see in our students!) We hope our little daughter will love theater as much as we do-she sure puts on a show and charmed the boots right off of Sheriff Woody when they met at the Frontierland Barbeque! We hope she’ll grow up and want to be a cast member! Dreams do come true, so we kind of expect it at this point. :) She’s almost three.

  3. This will be the second year we celebrate Christmas without my son. He is working in China and can not come home for the holidays. We are a close family and the holidays are not the same when we are not together. The family consists of our daughter Haley a college senior, completing an Elementary Ed. Degree, my husband, Craig, works for the postal service fortunately the rain, sleet and snow doesn’t stop the mail from being delivered this holiday season but the distance between Keenan in China and Haley in Minnesota stops the warm fuzzy holiday spirit from wrapping itself around our family this holiday season. The greatest gift Haley and Craig could receive is getting together with her brother/son for the holiday. A wonderful memory and great story to be shared year after year with Haley’s future students about the holiday that was truly filled with Magic bringing her together with her brother and best friend. Our family LOVES Disney parks and Resorts, we visit whenever we can. It’s the magic, pixie dust, where dreams come true, the journey, the fantasy, the wish to be chosen as a lucky family that can be reunited this holiday season.

  4. WDW is and will always be very special to my heart.My father took my sister and me there for the first time in 1975. Being only 12 yrs old our mother passed away from pancreatic cancer.Although it was devastating,my family seemed to pull through.Thank goodness my dad thought the best way medicine for us was to go to wdw and have fun.Fast forward 12 yrs,I am grown up and have a young son.What better xmas gift to him a trip to Disney! We both decide every 3yrs we should go.Fast forward 5 yrs I get t remarried and what better way to conjoined hours,mine,and ours is a family trip to guess where WDW!Now they want to go every year I say absolutely

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