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1 thought on “ap-annual-pass-wdw”

  1. I have had a premium pass for over 20 years and am a loyal Disney fan. Now I have been made to feel like unwanted company that has overstayed their welcome. I think it is outrageous to reward loyal customers with an increase that literally prices pass holders out of renewal. It is the premium pass holders who buy dinner, buy Disneyana, and attend special pass holder events, even if it is an additional cost. We have the money to spend on the pass and in the park, and we do that…every time we visit the park. We should not be the ones most heavily penalized. Eliminate the cheapest pass options and that will eliminate the people who cannot afford to spend money in the park, or who go with large groups and spend the day on a budget and increasing the crowds.
    It is not the price increase that offends, but rather the overt message that we are not wanted or welcome in the park anymore. I think Walt would be ashamed of this level of disregard for those who truly love the park he created for us.

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