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Celebrity Spotting: Melissa Joan Hart vacations at Walt Disney World

In one of the cutest celebrity family photos yet, actress Melissa Joan Hart and her family were spotted at the Magic Kingdom posting with Buzz Lightyear. Each were adorned with their own set of Mickey Mouse ears. Their t-shirts are Monster’s Inc inspired, but part of the birthday celebration for 3-year old Tucker Wilkerson. Son of Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson.


Have you ever observed a birthday at Walt Disney World? What did you do to celebrate?

1 thought on “Celebrity Spotting: Melissa Joan Hart vacations at Walt Disney World”

  1. I have celebrated 2 birthdays at WDW and will celebrate this year there too. Isn’t being at Disney World the celebration? Although this year I am doing my first Disney cruise right before my birthday and then heading to WDW after the cruise where I will actually spend my birthday.

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