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Brad Bird talks about progress on The Incredibles 2


With a remastered edition of “The Iron Giant” coming soon, Brad Bird has been hitting the publicity trail. I’m very excited to see “The Iron Giant” again (coming to a theater near you via Fathom events), but I’m also thrilled that Bird is sharing a little bit about “The Incredibles 2.”

Collider had a brief interview with Bird and they discussed the progress on the most anticipated Pixar sequel in years.

According to Bird, he’s working on the script with most of it written and some story-boarding done. With the lion share of the work ahead of them, no release date has been set.

He’s brought back a lot of the same team who worked on the first, sort of a family reunion. Bird wouldn’t reveal any of the plot the team is working on, but he did mention that since the superhero space is a lot more crowded in 2015 than it was in 2004, they’re focused on the strengths of the original film like the characters, relationships, and intimate moments like that.

Sounds like Bird is on the right path. He’s definitely passionate about his animation, so I’m trusting him on this one. How about you?

5 thoughts on “Brad Bird talks about progress on The Incredibles 2”

  1. I want to trust Brad, but I heard that Tomorrowland was a major let down. (Haven’t seen it yet. Just had a baby at the time and my wife & I couldn’t get out. What I heard about the film was disappointing, but we plan on seeing it when it’s available on demand.) I had so much hope for that movie. The idea. The premise. The possibilities — in this film, for future films as a growing franchise and for themed additions to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. It sounds like none of that’s going to happen now. Tron 3 was even cancelled because of Tomorrowland’s bummer of a box office.

    Still, Incredibles is a great film. I love the characters and the premise. Hopefully, this will be Brad’s bounce-back.

    1. What would have helped Tommorowland, would have been more people going to see it in a theater, rather than waiting for it to be “on demand.” That’s one of the major reasons why the weekly releases are basically the same in ideas, being rehashed. Gone are the days of standing in line at a theater, not a Cineplex, and talking with others who share similar interests. Watching the film and allowing your imagination to expand, by having dialogue with perfect strangers.

      The fact that Disney was willing to back Bird in his effort, was enough for me to make sure I went and saw it in the theater. The same goes for Stanton’s ‘John Carter’, which wasn’t the greatest but not the disaster that many said it was upon release. Where the films had fallen short, is only in the fact that many today have a short attention span for entertainment. Things have to scripted, timed, and delivered within a thirty minute window; because let’s face it; people don’t care. The goal is to be entertained, and to move on to the next form of entertainment. That’s way shows get it all out in 22 minutes, and rarely carry on into the next episode.

      Putting an effort forward to supporting the films while they’re in the theaters, is the only method of ensuring that a film will succeed in the eyes of box office numbers and ensuring ideas can continue to flourish. Remember the ‘Iron Giant’ was a bust at the theaters, and why? Because, people didn’t go to the movies and see it. Instead teens watched movies like American Pie, Blair Witch, etc.

      Here’s a test:
      Look at the films of 1999 and write down the ones that have stood the test of time. Now look at all the films from 2000 till 2014, to be fair to this year not being over yet; and look at how a system of similar themes came to be in the Hollywood format. Now write down those films that have stood the test of time.

      1. It is a sad state of affairs. Some upstart studio will figure out how to make films without chasing the money and they’ll be the next Hollywood success story. Only they might be located in Kansas City or Toronto.

  2. Very excited about this sequel. Loved the first. As for the movie “Tomorrowland”, it was not the critics darling, but my entire family LOVED it. It is already on my kids’ Christmas list. It was very imaginative.

  3. Family and I saw Tomorrowland before a trip to WDW (my husband had it in his must do list) and we loved it. It made the kids think. We also loved The Incredibles and look forward to the sequel whenever it is released. As for the critics who panned Tomorrowland are they related to the TV ones who hated shows with a story line and rave about no brain reality TV.

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