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Disneyland Retro History Show from Charles Phoenix


Take a time travel trip to the fifties and sixties with the inimitable Charles Phoenix the historian with a funny bone and comedian with a feel for retro excellence.

Phoenix has scheduled two opportunities to travel into Disneyland’s past. On September 19th, as part of the Dapper Day at Disneyland Events, Phoenix will show his spectacular collection of “found” mid-century photographs. If you can’t make that, a similar presentation is also being held on October 11 & 12.

Photos from the first 15 years of Disneyland are some of my favorite Disneyana. Looking at the new Tomorrowland, long-gone attractions, and the fashion of the time, is worth RSVP’ing alone. But add in the unique comedy style of Phoenix and you have a show you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Definitely on the must-do list for any Disneyland fan.

More info on Facebook: Sept 19 – Dapper Day, and October 11, 12 – Anaheimland.