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Touring One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before it goes goodbye


The big word out of Burbank is that Disney’s archivists are preparing for a trip to Orlando with the goal of returning the materials on display at One Man’s Dream to the Walt Disney Archives. The reported layout of the Pixar Toy Story Land addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios appears to require the removal of the building that houses One Man’s Dream.

Believing the rumor to be true, we stopped in and said goodbye the the exhibit with a video tour. To show every detail of One Man’s Dream would take hours. Instead, I’ve tried to capture some of the most rare items, the models, the recreated work spaces, etc. Stuff you’re not likely to see again outside of the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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As you can see in the video, Walt’s Office has already been packed up and it’s on the way to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

One Man’s Dream original opened in Oct, 2001 as part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration. In addition to memorabilia and artifacts from Walt Disney’s life and legacy, it featured a film narrated by then Disney CEO Michael Eisner. After Eisner stepped down, Disney Legend Julie Andrews provided the narration.

Will you miss One Man’s Dream if it goes away? Or is 15 years long enough for what was a temporary exhibit?

8 thoughts on “Touring One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before it goes goodbye”

  1. I’ve visited the exhibit several times, but with Hollywood Studios becoming a park that puts you in the movies versus a park that puts you behind the scenes of movies, I think it makes sense that this would go. Hopefully this will be a boon to the Walt Disney Family Museum, and maybe even the Studio Tour in Burbank.

  2. The wife and I got married in October 2001 and honeymooned with Land/Sea option. We enjoyed the exhibit and thought it was very well-done. It was a wonderful way to commemorate the “100 Years of Magic” celebration that was going on. I do believe it would have been better served as a “temporary” exhibit, like it was originally supposed to be. We went back to Hollywood Studios, a few times afterwards, and it seemed unnecessary, at a certain point.

  3. I can understand the exhibit needing to be displaced because of renovations and development, but why not just move it to another location at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom or EPCOT? Walt’s words about it all starting with a mouse are profound, and this exhibit (in particular the movie) do a great job explaining the triumph of creativity and imagination that can unfold when one person believes, works and brings people together to see it through. I really think an exhibit of this sort should always have a presence at Disney World.

  4. I am so sad this is leaving. My husband and I, who are in our early 60’s, grew up watching all of Walt’s shows on TV. He has always been a big part of our lives and we have engrained that in our children and grandchildren as well. We visit One Man’s Dream every year when we come to Disney World. I remember when it was in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t see why they can’t move it to another location in Disney World instead of removing it entirely.

  5. My family and I really loved this exhibit and I am very sad to see it go especially since we won’t be able to say goodbye to it. I agree that it would be a great idea to move it to Epcot or something there is so much empty space there. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be only temporary as they had done a great job in putting it together. It’s nice to keep the history alive and not just have a theme park as Disney World is so much more than that.

  6. Well what do you know, you can take the Disney out of Disney World. Always enjoyed the exhibit, but I’m also in my 60’s and let’s face it we are not the target market.

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