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D23 Expo – Disney Fan Cosplay Gallery #3

If you saw the Tsum Tsum Dress from Whit Honea’s Gallery we posted on Tuesday, then you probably wondered how it was made. It was actually not made by a Disney fan, but rather from the talented team at the Disney store.

Here’s creative lead Gabby Zapata and Costume Designer Elaine Carey to show you how they did it:

It’s a bit like if Lady Gaga got lost in a Disney Store.

We have a huge gallery of more Disney fan Cosplay from D23 Expo to share with you. Up first are a pair of reader submitted photos:

Patrick O’Connor for the photo of Olaf. (Taken Day 3)


For the Inside Out group please credit from left to right Kinsey Colgan as Disgust, Tyler Colgan as Sadness, Patrick O’Connor as Bing Bong, Alyssa Braxton as Joy, and Steve Nassar as Fear. (Taken a Day 2)


What I like about today’s gallery is the diverse ages and costume choices.

Once again I’m astounded by the creativity of Disney fans.

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