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Magic Kingdom moves to reduce use of Guide Maps

Remember when you used to enter the Magic Kingdom by passing under the train tracks and into the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy? What’s the one thing you always remembered to do? Pick up a Guide Map and a Times Guide, of course. Well, you’ll have to be a bit more on your toes going forward. As you can tell from this photo taken this morning, the park has removed the boxes that held the guide maps and times guides.


The guide maps and times guides are still available, but in much smaller number and only in one little kiosk in each tunnel. We’re not sure if this is an effort to be environmentally friendly, push the My Disney Experience app, or a bit of both, but the change was a bit startling. We passed by the new kiosk so fast, we didn’t even notice it (one family standing in front of it making a map selection can hide it) until we were on the way out of the park.


Does every family need a guide map and times guide for every one? No. Are times guides made so you can sit on them during a parade. No. It’s definitely good for Disney to try and eliminate the waste of all those guide maps and times guides. Maps are also still available at Town Hall and in stores throughout the park.

Disney veterans, do you still pick up a guide map and times guide or have you switched to the My Disney Experience app?