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Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” crosses $500M Worldwide Box Office


The Pixar hit wonder “Inside Out” proves it still has strength left in its box office as it crossed the $500 million mark at the International Box Office this week. This is the 3rd Disney release to hit that number just this year and the 11th film in Pixar’s library to do so (the 8th in a row too).

The film now stands at over $510 million as of July 22nd. Domestic box office makes up $311.5 million of that. It still has yet to open in 40% of international markets, (including the UK, Germany, and Italy) but it’s already earned nearly $200 million overseas.

This is a good sign for Disney. It’s always nice when the film makes up its production and marketing cost at the box office. But the real test of “Inside Out” will be how much merchandise it moves for the mouse. I know supplies are low for some toys, hopefully Disney will have that all sorted out in time for holiday shopping this winter. I think it’s safe to say, “Inside Out” characters will be very popular at Halloween too.

If you had to choose, which “Inside Out” Character would you be at Halloween?