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Disney hopes The Sword in the Stone will launch live-action movie franchise


Ok, either some one at Disney is trolling us or they are really serious about remaking every animated feature into a live-action blockbuster. The latest movie to get the live-action treatment is “The Sword and The Stone” a retelling of the classic T.H. White story of the same name.

The 1963 film was the last Disney release before Walt Disney’s death. In it, a young King Arthur is trained by the wizard Merlin while avoiding the villain Mad Madame Mim.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian Cogman, a writer on HBO’s epic  Game of Thrones, has been hired to write the script.

I actually like this idea. The King Arthur mythology is deep and rich for stories. Yes, it’s all been explored before in various media. However, no one has yet been able to get a good Arthurian,movie franchise going in decades. If any studio could, Disney can.

Do you think it should be based more off the book or the animated movie?