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Teaser Trailer for Shanghai Disneyland Fantasyland


Shanghai Disneyland is beginning to tease mainland locals with details of the new park. The first trailer features elements of Fantasyland. Viewers are advised that even more details will be released at an event on July 15, 2015.

This trailer features some footage from Disney’s Cinderella, and plus new concept art for the park’s equivalent of Fantasyland.

Apologies if you can’t see it. But it’s on Facebook here.

There was also a recent article in Bloomberg that focused on how Disney is changing elements of the park to match Chinese cultural habits.

“We’re building something that’s authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese,” Disney Chairman Robert Iger says. “It definitely will be Disneyland in China, but we’ll obviously be respectful of the Chinese culture and relatable to the people of China.”

Read the whole thing here.

Of course, if the Chinese economy continues to tank, there’s a worry that investments in the park by the three Chinese conglomerates will still be there to finish the project. That would be bad, but worse would be a devastated Chinese middle class. Who then could afford to visit Disney’s brand new theme park.


Disney appears to be making all the right steps, especially compared to the horrible Hong Kong Disneyland opening. But will the fate of economic swings foil their efforts? Only time will tell.

Update: Impressive Pirates of the Caribbean trailer also released.

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