A complete guide to Walt Disney World fun facts and Hidden Mickeys


From the team that brought you “The Complete Walt Disney World Guide” comes “The Complete Walt Disney World Fun Finds & Hidden Mickeys: The Definitive Disney Field Guide.” This new book is perfect for the Disney fan who thinks they know everything about the parks, or wants to.

Like a field guide for birds, you can use it to spot things you’ve never seen before in the parks. Just turn the page and there’s something new you’ve never seen before.

Since it’s a “Complete” Guide, you’ll also get a eye-popping photos to go along with the over two thousand fun finds and Hidden Mickeys. Take the guide with you and use it to explore each area of the park, or dive into it before hand and build a scavenger hunt for after you’ve arrived.


“The Complete Walt Disney World Fun Finds & Hidden Mickeys” really is the perfect companion to the Complete Walt Disney World Guide. You can order the print version off Amazon now, and if you want the eBook, Amazon has a special deal going on right now.