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The Marvel Experience Abruptly Cancels Tour


The Marvel Experience, a traveling interactive ride has announced it is cutting the tour short after it completes a three week run in Philadelphia.

The tour was a 3D 360-degree full-dome projection theater motion ride that allowed guests to join with Marvel Superheroes as they battle the forces of Red Skull and Hydra.

It previewed to mixed reviews in Phoenix last December, and also had runs in Dallas, and San Diego. Then the tour was revamped before this current summer run, which was to also include stops in Chicago, New York City, and St. Louis.

The $30 million production was jointly produced by Hero Ventures, Marvel Entertainment, and the duo of Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, who also produced the much-beleaguered Broadway production, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

No reason for the cancellation was given, but those holding tickets for cancelled shows can get refunds. For more information, visit

Note, this is different show than the Feld Entertainment produced “Marvel Universe Live!” That show is still on tour.

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  1. I went to it in Dallas. It was definetly for kids only. People aren’t missing anythng with it being gone.

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