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New Dishware Set available at Walt Disney World

Update: Disney has officially called this collection – “Indigo.” It’s now available for ordering online via the Disney Store. There are a few new pieces too.

You may be a Disney fan if the dishes you regularly eat on have a Mickey Mouse design on them. If you’re looking to update your pattern, or want to get your first set of Disney dishes, you may like this new blue country floral dishware set available in the Co-op Marketplace at Downtown Disney.

This bowl is a nice large size and a solid weight. The variety of hidden Mickey designs are fun too.


Mini bowls come in a set of three.


This whimsical Teacup reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland Tea set.


Drinking glass features a floral mickey pattern with one gold mickey.


The entree plate is 3/4’s a Mickey head, which is neat. But in my opinion, it’s a little small for a big dinner like steak, baked potatoes and veggies. Maybe it’s about portion control.


My biggest problem with the set so far, is that there is no salad dish, but the bowl is a great size and the three smaller bowls would be perfect for Ice Cream, or perhaps that salad you’re missing. I also really like the whimsical tea cup. They all appear to be dishwasher safe too.

Each piece was priced between $12 and 25 dollars. So a full set of 12 would set you back quite a bit. I have no idea Disney will have these in stock, so as with everything you see at Disney, buy it if you see it or like it.