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Discussing “McFarland, USA” with Kevin Costner


The true story of how a small town in Central California became a dominant force in cross-country running was told beautifully in Disney’s McFarland, USA. The film features Kevin Costner as coach White, an outsider who comes into a community made mostly of agricultural workers, and has to find himself before he can find a way to help the kids he is teaching.

Whit Honea, who writes for us here on the blog, recently had the opportunity to discuss some of the finer points of McFarland, USA with Costner. The conversation ranges from the film, to raising kids, and life lessons.

They start out talking about the people the film is about and how their still out there harvesting food so we can eat every day. Costner responds:

Right. It’s hard for them. It’s not easy. It’s not easy on the parents, and you can see that, but that’s the job of a parent, to make a difference for the child, and it will always be that way. There is something incredibly noble about it, and what we don’t realize is how dangerous, the pesticides they work in, and the kids work in—it’s an everyday thing, and it’s not a job that other people want to do.

Check out the whole interview at the Dads4Change website.

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