Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: The Frenemy of My Enemy


Not only does this weeks episode continue barreling toward the finale of the season, it’s also the first of three episodes that will connect to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Next weeks will continue setting up the movie and the following week will show the fall out of the movie. But I’m jumping ahead.

This week started with Fitz running from the two guys following him. He catches up with Coulson, Hunter and Mike and Coulson reveals that they are going to go make a deal with Ward. Coulson thinks that Hydra may be able to help them find Skye and they want to use Ward’s history with Hydra to their advantage. They are on the trail of Hydra’s two remaining leaders, Dr. List and Baron Von Strucker (who we will be seeing on the big screen next weekend).

Uneasy alliances are formed between the two parties as they head out with a now compliant Bakshi in tow. Bakshi goes to List and offers him Deathlok as a sign of his loyalty to Hydra. This was not part of the plan but Coulson lets it go for now. They discover that List has been able to track the transporting powers of Gordon and they head to Milwaukee to find him. Coulson follows because he knows that Gordon is the one who has Skye.

Meanwhile, Skye finds out that her mom is planning on taking Cal away from Afterlife and leaving him alone. Skye is, understandably, concerned based on how unstable her father’s actions can be, so she decides to go with him to his hometown, Milwaukee, to break the news to him more gently.

They go to his office building where he shows Skye the repair kit that he used to put Jiaying back together (gross). Suddenly they are attacked by Hydra agents with Coulson and his team coming in to save the day. Unfortunately, before they can get to Skye, Gordon appears and takes her back to Afterlife. And Deathlok and Lincoln are captured by Bakshi and Hydra.

And, back at the playground, May is still trying to uncover Coulson’s secrets. She goes to Simmons who confesses that she gave the Toolbox to Fitz before he left. Simmons is still struggling with who to trust and feels betrayed that May seems to be siding with Bobbi and Gonzales now. Eventually, she helps them hack into Deathlok’s video feed so they can find out where Coulson is. But what they see shocks them (and is taken totally out of context).

Bobbi and Mack head to Milwaulkee where a worn out Coulson is waiting for them. He gives himself up and is taken back into custody.

Everything came to a head this week and I’ll be interested to see where it goes from here and especially how #itsallconnected with the movie.

What did you think of the this week’s episode?