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Update: Harmony Barber Shop reopens after remodel


It comes as a surprise to many guests, but the Magic Kingdom has its own working barber shop. The Harmony Barber Shop reopened after a remodel designed to smooth operations as well as spiffy up the place some. It’s not entirely finished. But here’s a look at it’s current condition.

We’re told there will be a bit more decor added to the walls. It needs it to deaden the sound a bit. But that’s basically the new look.

Update 6/23/2015: Imagineering finally finished the interior decorations for Harmony Barbershop. It’s still a bit sparse, but there is also great new detail:

What do you think of the new, redder, location?

2 thoughts on “Update: Harmony Barber Shop reopens after remodel”

  1. nothing special here……wheres all the mugs?…how about a little brass to sharpen things up.Really i think disney wants out of the haircutting business.imho

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