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Mulan added to Disney’s live-action remake lineup


With Cinderella continuing to soar at the box office, Disney has gone ahead and announced another live-action adaptation. That’s right folks, Mulan is coming!

To give you a quick update, by my count this makes three recently announced adaptations. Beauty and the Beast (March 17th, 2017), Dumbo (TBA), and now Mulan (TBA). This does not include The Jungle Book which releases on April 15th of next year.

This is very exciting and so many levels for me. Most importantly, I hope that Ming-Na Wen either reprises her role (a long shot I know) or makes a cameo appearance. I think it just needs to happen. I would not be opposed to George Takei reprising his role as the ghostly ancestor either.

What do you think?

Via THR.

4 thoughts on “Mulan added to Disney’s live-action remake lineup”

  1. I thought to mention that the Jungle book is also in production. I am excited about the jungle book. It has a great cast and one of my favorite director’s directing it.

  2. Awesome news. Glad to see Mulan put at the front of the line of the Disney remakes, aside the likes of Cinderella and Belle. Very cool to see where this news will go from here.

  3. While I, too, love Ming-Na Wen, she is far too old to play Mulan in a live-action film. A cameo would certainly be in order, but I hope they cast a superb age-appropriate actress in the title role.

    Now, if Disney really wants to impress me with its live-action remakes of classic animated films, how about a live-action remake of The Lion King? THAT would be an impressive feat.

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