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Disney will sneak peek “Tomorrowland” movie in actual Tomorrowland (and EPCOT)


It’s so hard to choose a favorite between all the Disney films coming out in 2015, but “Tomorrowland” is definitely a contender for the title. Who hasn’t dreamed of a future place where our dreams come true.

Walt Disney’s own visions of Tomorrowland and EPCOT will play host to a special sneak peek of the new “Tomorrowland” movie beginning in April.

The screenings will take place inside the Imagination Pavilion theater at EPCOT (currently home to Captain EO) and the Tomorrowland Theater at Disneyland (formerly home to Captain EO). This will allow them to use in-theater special effects to enhance your experience.

At Disneyland, there will also be an exhibit with props and artwork from the film. No official start date was announced, but the movie opens May 22nd.

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