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Walk Across New Bridge at Downtown Disney Marketplace


It’s a bridge that connects one side of the Downtown Disney Marketplace near Rainforest Cafe to the other side near T-REX restaurant (I’m sensing a theme). It provides some much needed traffic flow relief and a way to complete the loop of MarketPlace without having to double back. Finally.

I recently made it to Downtown Disney for a walk across the bridge, or causeway, which you can join me on here:

It is a welcome addition to Downtown Disney with some great themed design to pull it all together. Three are also four little shopping kiosks on the bridge including one that features gourmet cookies.


  • Flour & Sugar – Gourmet cookies that offer a taste of the Sunshine State. Each cookie features Florida flavors like coconut, key lime and strawberry.
  • Florida Bath Co. — Specialty soaps made with home grown ingredients like organic vegetable juices and essential citrus oils. Owned by the same people as Basin.
  • Icon Jewellery by Bico – Jewelry you can customize the way you like.
  • Kate & Leo – A charming collection of toys and games. Evokes imagination and curiosity as you walk by.


There’s still significant work going on as Downtown Disney transforms into Disney Springs. We’ll have another update on the progress later this week.

4 thoughts on “Walk Across New Bridge at Downtown Disney Marketplace”

  1. Anxious to try it next week. If it connects Rainforest and T-Rex, maybe it should be called Landry Bridge.

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