Disney CEO Bob Iger teases big Star Wars theme park presence


We know from previous announcements from Disney CEO and chair Bob Iger that 2015 was the year Disney and Star Wars fans would find out how The Mouse would be expanding The Force inside the parks. On yesterday’s Wall Street analyst calls, Iger shared just a bit more of what to expect.

He said, there is “a fair amount of design and development to greatly increase “Star Wars” presence in multiple locations around the world.” According to Iger, “the plans are ambitious, so it’s going to take some time for them to be built and opened.”

Iger also reiterated his earlier statement that whatever opens it will include details from the future film trilogy and the stand-along films. This could mean there will be a mix of old and new, or it would be exclusively limited to stories and settings from the new films.

As for exactly when, Iger said, “Fairly soon, I’m sure we’ll be ready to go public with some specifics. But it’s safe to say that you’ll see a lot more ‘Star Wars’ at Disney and at Disney parks in the near future.”

My guess is that “fairly soon” is at “Star Wars Celebration” which takes place April 15-19 in Anaheim, CA. There’s also Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in May and June.

I expected Disney to spread the wealth around, and Iger seems to imply that too. My guess is every Disney resort will get something new related to Star Wars. How long it will take to build the attractions may vary, and certainly won’t be fast enough to make fans happy, but Star Wars is a core part of the Disney brand catalog now and it makes sense to have it a part of every resort. It would not surprise me if multiple parks in Orlando get something Star Wars related.

I also expect to see Star Wars appear on Disney Cruise Line in some way. Most likely whenever the next ship goes into dock for regular rehab and upgrades.

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  2. I’m still dreaming that AvatarLand is really just a huge ruse, and it’s instead going to be a new Star Wars Land, themed to one of the locations from the new movie…

  3. I find it unusual that in the video you guys posted of Iger talking to Bloomberg, he specifically mentioned the American Parks and Shanghai and the it’s possible it will come to Hong Kong and Tokyo. He made no mention of Paris.

    Maybe I’m just reading into his words too many times. We all know Paris isn’t doing too hot.

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