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Disney’s Animal Kingdom construction continues to reshape the park


Walt Disney’s Imagineers are busy remaking large swaths of one of the world’s most beautiful theme parks – Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Not only is James Cameron’s Avatar project coming to the park, but Africa’s Harambe Village is expanding, the Discovery Island hub is getting a variety of improvements (and a new Starbucks), and the river between Asia and Dino-land is becoming a stage for “Rivers of Light.”

Can’t watch the video? More photos below:

While I wasn’t able to get good photos of the Avatar construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The project has really gone vertical. The large show building that will eventually house the four-theater ‘flying’ banshee attraction is getting framed out in steel beams. Structures that will become the floating rocks and cliffs that hide the show buildings are also going up. Here’s a screen-cap from that recent drone video (which has now been taken down).


It was announced by James Cameron that the first sequel for Avatar won’t be debuting in theaters in 2016 like originally intended. Instead it will debut sometime in 2017. That means, in theory, Disney’s theme park land based on, at least in part, the sequels could open before the new movies are even seen by audiences? Hopefully there won’t be too many spoilers.

Which construction project at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has you the most excited?

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