Two Marvel Super Heroes make Super Bowl Bet


Two of Marvel’s big screen super heroes are on opposite sides of the field, at least when it comes to NFL’s biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quil (aka Star Lord) in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, are huge stars, each with their own mega-hit in 2014 and already booked for more films from Marvel.

While the two characters may never meet on the screen, in real life, the two Chris’ are good friends. They also share a passion for football. Pratt roots for Seattle, while Evans is from Boston and cheers on the Patriots. Yes, Captain America happens to be a Patriots fan. You can’t script that sort of thing.

Once is was set that the two teams would be facing off in the Super Bowl, Chris Evans started a twitter conversation that will go down as EPIC.

Of course, Pratt could not let that stand:

Suddenly it is getting real:

Pratt offers his stakes

And Evans contributes his response

It’s good fun, for a good cause. No matter which team wins (*cough* Go Hawks), there are some children who will come out big winners.