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Walt Disney World is almost ready to add a new DVC Property


With both the Contemporary and Grand Floridian getting Disney Vacation Club exclusive extensions, it was only a matter of time before the “worst kept secret” made its way to the Polynesian too. Unlike the other two projects on the resort monorail loop, there is no new dedicated wing, instead there will be remodeled rooms and new bungalows that are perched out over the Seven Seas Lagoon.

We have watched as the Bungalows were constructed, but we finally have a better idea of what they’ll look like, what the floor plan will be, and what a stay will cost.


Each of the 20 Bungalows will sleep 8 in 1093 sq. ft pacific island design themed luxury. But it’s a tight floorplan with 4 of those beds either murphy or pullout beds.


Since swimming in the lagoon is not allowed, private desks will feature plunge pools, which will be perfect for observing the Magic Kingdom Fireworks and Electrical Water Pageant. Members will also be able to enjoy the Polynesian’s newly remodeled pool.


Disney is positioning the bungalows as luxury living and they’re priced accordingly with nightly stays ranging from $2,137 to $3,040 for those who want to pay cash instead of DVC points.

Existing DVC Members can start to buy points on Jan 12 and it will open to new sales on Feb 9.

(All concept art courtesy Disney)

5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World is almost ready to add a new DVC Property”

  1. Phew…that price per night makes me shudder. Was reading and liking(and I admit dreaming a little of the possibility of getting there with my family one day) until I got to the end of the article. Holy cow that’s a lot of green for one night of sleep.
    I’m paying close to 300 a night for Contemporary in 2 weeks and I feel like I’m breaking my wallet.

    VERY cool place though. Love the design and plunge pools.

  2. We are DVC members, and the bungalows look very cool, but the floorplan certainly seems impractical. Why have a dining table that seats eight when there’s only living room seating for four?

    We’ve been torn about adding more points to our DVC membership; we were thinking about buying at the Grand Floridian, because the rooms look incredible, but we were holding out to see what the rooms at the Polynesian look like. I’d like to see some renderings of the standard one- and two-bedroom villas before making any further decisions.

    The plunge pool would be really cool, though…

  3. Sorry, but the floorplan is a huge disappointment. Too bad as it looked like this would be a great place. Price is a joke.

  4. what about the ferryboat from the TTC to Magic kingdom. When it will be blowing its horn at night. Especially late night closings at Magic kingdom!!

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