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How your ‘wishes’ become dreams come true for children


Ever wonder where the coins you toss into Disney World’s many fountains and wishing wells end up? They become donations to Central Florida nonprofit organizations that help children in need. A few of the fountains are dedicated to a specific organization, Give Kids The World, but most go into a general fund.

Each year cast members choose which organization will get the funds and this year they selected Community Based Care of Central Florida, which helps provide services to children in foster care. This year over $18,000 was donated to the non-profit.

“This gift from Disney guests will help us create new opportunities for foster care children as they transition into adulthood,” said Karla Radka, vice president of community impact and leadership development for CBC.

For more than 30 years, Walt Disney World has donated the money from the wishing wells and fountains to children’s charities in Central Florida.

“Every coin collected represents a precious wish,” said Nancy Gidusko, director of corporate citizenship for Walt Disney World Resort. “Equally inspiring is that every wish will help fulfill the dreams of young people in the foster care system ­ and let them know that we care, that they are an important part of this community, and that they are not alone.”

Next time you make a wish at Walt Disney World, sleep better knowing your wish will go twice as far.