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Does Disney have big plans for Indiana Jones?


When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, all eyes immediately focused on the Star Wars property. After all, fans were eager to wash out the bad taste of the prequels. Then things got interesting. With rumors that the original cast were coming, Star Wars fans were thrown into a fever pitch of excitement.

Of course we now know that Luke, Leia, and Han are coming back. At what cost though? A year ago, there was a rumor that for Harrison, that meant another Indiana Jones. The story goes that as part of his negotiations for piloting the Falcon one more time, he leveraged Disney to start production on Indiana Jones 5.

There has been little news up until now. Bob Iger has commented that they are simply pacing themselves. After Crystal Skull, who can blame them. It still seems Disney is looking for a story though.

For me, this is incredibly encouraging. That Disney is taking their time is huge for me. I love the Indiana Jones movies and I think there really isn’t anything like them in cinema. While Crystal Skull was ultimately a let down, it still felt like an Indiana Jones movie. It gave me the same sense of excitement and everything. This was then dashed upon the rocks but still, it satisfied a need.


So where do you think Disney will go? I hope that they will return to the whole religious artifact concept. The first and third films were the best partly because of this realism. They focused on artifacts that were well-known and had historical significance.

Ideally, I want Indy to go after the Holy Lance/Spear Of Destiny. This was the spear that pierced the side of Christ. Much later, it was thought that it was why Hitler started WWII. It was traditionally said to make the holder invincible, while losing it meant your death. Conspiracy theorists believed that this was why Hitler committed suicide and later why Patton died, who captured the spear from Hitler.

For me this fits exactly with the tone and style of Indiana Jones. It has religious artifacts, Nazi’s, and conspiracies. What would you like to see Indiana go after?