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Disney Casting Opportunity – Separated Families


Disney is doing some last minute casting for the upcoming Frozen Christmas Celebration that will air on ABC. They are seeking deserving families who want to reunite with their loved one(s) for an inspirational holiday special.

Have life’s circumstances and finances made it extremely difficult for you to visit members of your family for years? Does part of your family live far away, making it challenging for you to ever see them during the holidays? Is your spouse or other member of your family serving in the Military or stationed far away?

If you, or someone you know, is struggling and unable to visit long lost family (or even best friends) for any reason, send the story to the casting agency. The worst they’re going say is no, the best, you’ll great free Disney Vacation and a chance to reunited with loved ones. All kinds of stories are welcome.

To submit, send an email right now to [email protected] with the story you want to tell, along with the names, ages, locations, and at least one photo of the family you wish to reunite. Also include your contact information. But keep it a secret from your family, as they plan to make this an incredible surprise!