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Big Hero 6 helps Disney reach major box office milestone


2014 has been a good year at the box office for Disney. With the help of Marvel’s “Captain America: Winter Soldier” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the retold fairytale “Maleficent,” and now “Big Hero 6,” the company powered past $4 billion in total box office this year. This is the first time Disney has achieved that level.

It was a good year for Disney, but “Big Hero 6” itself lost a close fight for the top of the box office this weekend to “Dumb And Dumber To.” Hiro and Baymax brought in $36.7 million domestically, and a tidy $11.9 million internationally, bringing its total earnings so far to $112 million domestically and $148 million internationally.

The good news is that Big Hero 6 only dropped about 35% from opening weekend to this weekend. That is a sign it has good word of mouth. Haven’t seen it yet, go now. If you have seen it, tell your friends and help it have a strong third weekend.

As a bonus, here’s some concept art from Big Hero 6 from Ryan Lang.


This was an concept piece I did for a moment that was in an earlier version of the movie, but this image ended up in the “art of” book. This was a fun piece. I actually named all the gangsters in the back based off of local/japanese food you can get in Hawaii, where I was born and raised. I think I was pushing for a late 70’s/ early 80’s vibe, which I thought would have been awesome. Think of an animated sci-fi superhero movie, in the period of “American Hustle”, and that’s what I was trying to get across.

Ryan recently left Disney animation, But there’s ton of great concept art from Big Hero 6 on Ryan’s blog if you want to check it out.

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