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“it’s a small world” Holiday lighting ceremony launches Disneyland’s Holiday Season


The Disneyland Resort launched its Holiday season with a ceremonial lighting of “it’s a small world” Holiday last night. From nearby La Habra, the Gallardo family, whose daughter Maya, 13, has been treated at cancer research hospital, City of Hope, had the honor of turning on the lights. Of course, she had a little help from some friends.

Disneyland’s holiday season runs from now through Jan 6, 2015. Among many decorations and magical holiday moments, guests can enjoy:

  • “Believe … in Holiday Magic” fireworks spectacular, and a nightly snowfall on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • New this year, Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” join “A Christmas Fantasy” parade.
  • The madcap celebration of Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland park,
  • The breathtaking “World of Color – Winter Dreams” holiday spectacular
  • The festive “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” at Disney California Adventure park

Will you make it to Disneyland to celebrate the holidays this year? What are you most looking forward to?

(Photo courtesy Disneyland Resort & Scott Brinegar)

5 thoughts on ““it’s a small world” Holiday lighting ceremony launches Disneyland’s Holiday Season”

  1. SmallWorld lights look great. I guess our ride here in Florida is just to crammed on that streetcorner to do lights like that justice down here huh?

  2. it’s a small world Holiday is one of the greatest things Disneyland has ever done. It doesn’t take over the attraction for a large portion of the year, so it remains a special treat for the holidays, and it doesn’t really cover up the attraction; it only enhances it.

    Haunted Mansion Holiday is really in place for too long to be “special,” and it also takes away or covers up much of the original attraction during its stay.

    Even without doing all the exterior lights, I wish Florida would add Christmas lights and decorations to the inside of the ride and use the “Holiday” soundtrack during the Christmas season.

    1. Say waa Say what?! They have Christmas decorations/lights INSIDE smallworld disneyland? AND a special holiday soundtrack? Firstly, how did I not know this till now, and why oh why oh why on planet earth does DisneyWorld not do that too?! I’m honestly kind of mad about this now. lol.

      1. Go find a YouTube video of “it’s a small world Holiday,” and do a virtual ride-through. It’s quite amazing. Our last three trips to Disneyland have been during the Christmas season, specifically so we could see “small world Holiday.” The rest of the family thinks I’m a little crazy, but it’s my favorite attraction at Disneyland. We have to do it at least once a day while we’re there.

        I love Christmas at Walt Disney World, but I miss the whole atmosphere of “small world Land” from Disneyland, where an instrumental version of the holiday soundtrack plays in the whole area outside the attraction, and you get the vocal version inside the ride.

  3. Wow, watched the Youtube video per your suggestion. Amazed. Reminds me, although I count myself a disney park aficionado, how much of that knowledge is concentrated virtually entirely on the florida version.
    Actually very disappointed now in disney that they don’t do that here in florida. Really an innovative and great thing they do there.

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