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Main Street U.S.A. Music Lesson


Disney theme park historian and analyst Foxxy Hooves of the excellent Passport to Dreams blog is known for her long and very detailed articles on the esoterica of Disney’s theme park design. I always learn something, even on a subject matter I consider myself very familiar with.

This time, the lesson takes a different form. Foxxy recreated an ideal abridged loop of the background music from the Main Street USA of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom and compares them against authentic recordings of the songs. All along they way, there are fun pop-up tidbits of knowledge for each song.

If you ever wanted to sing-a-long while walking down Main Street USA, now you can. Even if you don’t want to sing, you now have a deeper understanding of how Main Street USA keys up the whole Magic Kingdom style theme-park experience.

3 thoughts on “Main Street U.S.A. Music Lesson”

  1. Loved this loop of Main Street songs and the history behind them. Now I will enjoy them even more next time I am at WDW. THANKS!!!

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