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What about Disney’s Animated Feature Zootopia?


If you haven’t heard the news, Moana’s release date has been moved up two years! Now coming to us late 2016 as the second film from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. That’s right the second one. The first is Zootopia, in what can most easily be called Fugitive acted out through animals.

The film will follow a fox, who may or not be the most upstanding citizen, and is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Forcing him on the run from the rabbit who is the top-cop in the city. The plot thickens when they both become the target of conspiracy that puts them both in danger.

With nothing but the synopsis revealed character and casting details are still nothing more than rumors. Nonetheless, set to come out early 2016 I think we can expect a fun film that will twist and turn to keep us guessing who the real villain is.

Any ideas why we haven’t heard much about Zootopia from Burbank?

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