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Give the gift of Disneyland Memories


The Disneyland family vacation is an American tradition. You may bring home a set of Mouse Ears, a scarf, or a photo album, but mostly what you bring home are memories. And what are memories, but mental reconstructions of an experience. A sniff, a story, or a bit of dialogue can set you off and, woosh, you’re back in that magical place.

I grew up taking a yearly vacation to Disneyland and later spent many days and nights wandering the park exploring all aspects of its magical draw. Out of that sprang the stories that became my book “Dispatch from Disneyland.” As you read each story I hope you will slip back into that mental state where Disneyland is just a mind’s jump away.


Also included in “Dispatch from Disneyland” are a collection of essays and interesting facts that help make Disneyland the number one destination for Disney fans around the globe.

As the holiday season approaches, I hope you will consider ordering a copy of the book for yourself and for a friend you know loves Disney as much as you. Learn more about the book at its website where you can download a PDF version of the book, or order directly from Amazon in print or Kindle form.

Thank you and I know you will enjoy the book