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2015 Complete Walt Disney World Guidebook Now Available


The internet is an amazing thing. There are dozens of websites and blogs out there offering a wide variety of advice and information pertaining to the very small niche of a vacation to Walt Disney World. And yet, no one has quite managed to do it as well as “The Complete Walt Disney World 2015: The Definitive Disney Handbook.”

Yes, it’s a book. Authors Julie and Mike Neal diligently tried to convert their years of gathered wisdom and insight into the perfect Disney vacation into something more aligned to the internet’s strengths, but it turns out there are some things where the format of a book is just better.

So it was with great joy that I learned of the Neal’s return to publishing, and their deal with Disney publishing powerhouse of Bob Sehlinger and the Unofficial Guide group. That deal meant the book was able to offer some great new things that previous versions of the Complete Guide weren’t able to.

For instance, the book has more photos than ever before (about half of which are new), more tips & advise for guests including new reviews of stores and restaurants, and a fantastic summary section to help readers pressed for time.

If you order the book on Amazon, you’ll save 37% off the cover price and you’re guaranteed to save the cost of the book many times over in the time, frustration, and money it will save you on your next vacation.

The “The Complete Walt Disney World” is the guide book I recommend for Disney travelers, novice or experienced.