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Would you watch if ABC revived LOST?


A plane crash on an island, a mystery hatch, and intertwined personal stories told through backflash were the bones of LOST. Propelled by online buzz, just as the cybersphere of social media was talking off, LOST drew fans to its weekly mystery like moths to a flame. Would you believe the hit show that helped put ABC back on top of the nightly ratings battle could be coming back.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the show’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse, says he believes a return to the world of LOST is “inevitable.” Cuse stated that the success ABC had with LOST should lead to more great storytelling.

“Disney owns the franchise, it made them a lot of money, it’s just hard to imagine that it will just sit there idly forever. I mean, you know Damon and I told our story in that world and I assume that someone will come along, having been inspired hopefully by our version of the story, and decide they want to tell their own version.”

Cuse speculates that the story could take the brand LOST in any number of directions. Perhaps alternate time lines or eras (LOST in Space, anyone?)

Of course, don’t expect the original team to reassemble to remake the series. J.J. Abrams is now directing Star Wars: Episode VII and the other executive producer Damon Lindelof has made a place in the movie world as a script doctor. Some of LOST’s writers are now creating ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which seems to be doing pretty well these days.

In the end, the original series will always stand on its own complete with its lack of answers. You won’t be getting those answers from Cuse either.

“Sometimes people have odd questions, like who is the dude Sayid shot on the golf course, who are the people on the outrigger, stuff like that, which I don’t answer.”

I must admit, I’d be all down for another series set in the world of LOST. Disney and ABC could do worse than mining the mystery island for a little more gold. Would you watch or is the series better left as an unanswered mystery.

6 thoughts on “Would you watch if ABC revived LOST?”

  1. Lost was the series more than any other I recall that failed to live up to itself. The 6th season and the so-called finale were so awful, the more than destroy everything amazing about seasons 1-5. As the show’s universe got bigger and bigger, there were repeated fears about it getting, ahem, lost and tripping all over itself. The producers, writers, etc., made numerous public professions that the entire series had a planned story arc from the beginning and other such things. But season 6 proved that that was obviously a complete falsehood. Undoubtedly surprised they got the three final seasons approved,, they totally stumbled to make any reasonble ending. I would never watch another Lost series.

  2. I would absolutely give it a watch. If it wasn’t any good, I’d stop, but a well-done return to the LOST universe would be great. I’d love a prequel entirely on the Dharma Initiative.

  3. This should not exist. I love LOST. It’s my favorite television show ever. Returning to the LOST universe would be a mistake though. In the end, it proved to be too complicated for the average viewer. The writers of a show shouldn’t have to go and explain the finale to the viewers but that’s exactly what happened. And by that point, most of the viewers stopped listening. Besides, the absolute BEST part of the show was the characters, not the universe. You don’t need to return to the island to make a show with good characters. It would just feel cheap to reuse a universe to try and garner more viewers. Not that that’s the what everyone and their cousin is doing in the film/television industry or anything…

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