Kelcie and Larry get married at Disneyland


Kelcie and Larry are high school sweethearts that just got married at Disneyland. That story is not unusual, but Larry was struck by a drunk driver and severely injured in an accident just one day before he was going to propose to Kelcie. The injury left him brain damaged and requiring the use of a wheelchair.

The couple decided to have their dream wedding anyway and launched a kickstarter campaign to make it happen. That fundraiser went viral and they were able to have their ceremony, and thanks to Disney, their honeymoon at the Happiest Place on Earth just last week.

So if you’re looking for a feel good story of the week, this is it. Check out the ABC News Story and their wedding photography page. Finally check out Disney’s blog post about how cast members united together to make their Cinderella Carriage accessible and safe for Kelcie and Larry. Best of luck to Kelcie and Larry for a long life together.

My wife and I were also were struck by a drunk driver. We had just finished planning our wedding with Disneyland’s fairytale wedding team and were driving home when we were hit by some jerk who only made it 50 feet from the bar before ramming into us at 40 MPH. We were fortunate enough to escape merely with lifelong back injuries and some nerve damage due to the size of the vehicle we were driving. If we had been in a smaller car the injuries would have been much worse or fatal.

It makes me sad and angry that this is still happening. Please don’t drink and drive.