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Disney Store to add Apple Pay NFC mobile payments


Disney continues to rollout its new concept Disney Store with the latest opening in Syracuse, NY and one in Rome, Italy. It also made news recently by agreeing to accept Apple Pay at some Disney Store locations (as well as Walt Disney World). This NFC technology will allow easy mobile payments for Apple iPhone users in an expanding list of retailers.

I’ve have also noticed that the Disney Stores have fully integrated both the Marvel and the Star Wars lines of products into their stores. Sadly, last time I visited a location (at the Florida Mall) there wasn’t an adult T-Shirt or Sweatshirt to be had. At least the online Disney Store has a lot more.

Do you miss the old Disney Stores that had a mix of kid stuff, adult clothing, and some collectibles? Or are you happy with the new totally kid focused stores?

2 thoughts on “Disney Store to add Apple Pay NFC mobile payments”

  1. Not really sure exactly how it works, but I think it is a bit more accurate to say Disney Stores will accept NFC payments (maybe they already do – I haven’t been in one in years), of which ApplePay will be one of a few NFC payment options.

  2. We used to have two stores my area and one of them they had expanded it and it felt like we were in Downtown Disney it was wonderful but then they both were gone and now the only thing we have left is an outlet about a half hour away.
    It’s too bad I really like walking through and buying things at the stores.

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