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A Cut Above the rest – Glass Cutter Manuel Arribas from Disneyland’s Crystal Arts shop


4th generation glass cutter Manuel Arribas has worked at Crystal Arts on Main Street USA for 47 years. That’s quite an accomplishment and it’s wonderful to have actual craftsmen and artisans working in the parks.

I love to stop by and watch as they spin their craft creating personalized glassware, figurines, and jewelry. Although the role of small artisan shops at Disneyland has diminished over the years, it’s great to see the Arribas Bros. are still around.

Last year I created my own video featuring the Arribas Bros. east code version.

As it turns out, I own a couple of great pieces from the Arribas Bros, including a fantastic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pitcher and glass set and a couple wedding gifts. Have you ever bought or been given an item from Crystal Arts that was made made by one of the talented Arribas Bros. artists?