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Tax Incentives Lure Pirates V Down Under


It’s a strong possibility the fifth edition of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will be filmed no where near the island nations south of the continent. Instead, production will move down under to the land of Oz, thanks to a $20.2 million tax incentive from the government of Australia.

Disney had previously been promised similar tax incentives to film the “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” remake in 2013, but since that project has been shelved, the tax credits were transferred to Pirates V.

It’s not 100% official that the movie will move, Disney is, of course, asking for more and might film in Mexico instead. Disney is the king of playing one location off the other in an attempt to get the very best deal for its production. They famously got the City of Anaheim to offer up a ton of money to build a second gate across from Disneyland, just by threatening to build a theme park in Long Beach instead. The Long Beach location was never really practical, but the threat was enough to get basically a free parking structure out of the deal.

I wonder which location Disney really wants to film Pirates V at?

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